I went to the hills

​I went to the hills for some peace of mind…fellow travellers told me that nothing is as calming as climbing up a mountain. They all looked so serene so decided to scale the highest mountain in view. Somewhere in the middle of it, with shortness of breath & stiff legs started reconsidering the decision. The old ‘chad toh Jaye par utarega kaise’ saying came to the mind. But then I met this mountaineer who was on his way down. We chatted for a bit & he told me that nothing beats the view from the top & the satisfaction that you’ve climbed a huge fucking mountain, the old man vs. nature way. A few sips of water & some self pep-talk later I started to climb again.

A few more breaks & countless steps later I was at the top. Before I go could go to the edge & check out ‘the view’, I met a girl. The only way I can describe her is that she was the exact opposite of- exhausted, a bit scared & more than a bit sweaty -me. She asked me how I felt but didn’t really wait for my answer.

With the leg-pulling tone that we reserve for our closest ones she said “You look like you’d prefer jumping down this hill rather than climbing down”.

“Oh, if only I could fly!”.

“You can, if you give up the fear of flying.”

“I have a fear of falling, not of falling.”

“But they’re the same thing, at different speeds na?” I smiled & pretended to ‘throw’ the fear from my head. She asked me to close my eyes & made me wear this huge bag.

She whispered “Run & don’t stop till you’re flying. But do open your eyes once you’re airborne”.

After 45 minutes of flying as I touched the ground again I smiled as I undid my parachute.

The view from above is not really calming, but the opposite- truly exciting. But it did made me & my troubles seem so joyously insignificant that I laughed at myself because… I went to the hills for some peace of mind.


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