You’re your best teacher!

Tired of searching here, there & everywhere.

For that perfect teacher to help me escape these everyday dilemmas; I decided to take a break, catch my breath & ask for directions again. But I failed to recollect the name of the destination I was looking for, the particular arrangement of syllables & words through which I could explain fellow travellers what exactly I was looking for.

I panicked & asked myself to try out what is probably the simplest yet most effective advice I’ve ever received- to calm the fuck down & focus. As I drew a deep breath & took a stroll through the routine paths in my head I came across a path which led to the section of my mind which had long since been deemed as impractical & immature. But I’d looked everywhere else & this was the only place where I could find some clue to help me escape this unexplainable ordeal. As I take the first few steps through this labyrinth which once used to be home I was hit by a strong wave of nostalgia. You know the kind which you get when you revisit old places which have remained unchanged, but you realise that you haven’t. And the nostalgia that you feel is not for the time that is past but for the you which is past.

Imagine what would happen if you ran into the old self in the middle of this nostalgic moment. What would you do? I don’t need to imagine because I did. As I saw you lounging there in middle of ‘useless’ childish thoughts I just knew that my long search was over. You, or to be precise – the old I, didn’t know of the answers or where to find them but with him on my side I could definitely figure out the wheres & the hows. Lost in the forest of my own mind I realised that the old I, the uninhibited I; was probably the most important friend, philosopher & guide I needed.


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