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NaMo for PM

(Originally written on 30th April 2014)


I am really excited today. It’s voting day here..

Here? Where?

Here. Right here. At the epicenter. Where it all began?

Began? What began where?

Well, not here exactly here, but that doesn’t matter any more does it? Here is where it has been brewed for the last 10 years.

I remember it vaguely.  The dark ages. Before his highness graced us with his presence. Things haven’t been the same since.

We’ve had so much development. So much of it that sometimes I don’t recognize it anymore.

We had roads. Good roads, but only a few of them. Now we have more. And yes sir, A1 quality ekdum.

We had buildings. Tall buildings, but only a few of them. Now we have more. And taller than before.

We had industries, factories, businesses. All good, but only a few of them. Now we have more. And yes sir, bigger than before also.

We? Who the fuck is this we?

Arey we bole toh Vibrant Gujarat.

Oh. Yes. Lots of development. I’ve heard a lot about it. Read in the papers also. And the TV also seems to talk a lot about it. Is it true?

What kind of a silly question is this? Of course it’s true. Don’t you trust the sources that you mentioned?

No. Forgive me. I didn’t mean that. Of course i do. How can I not? Anyways where was I? Oh yes. Development. So as we can see, there has been so much of development in the state of Gujarat. And as we all know that any development that takes place in a state is solely because of the chief minister of the state. So modiji is solely responsible for all the developments in Gujarat.

But wait. What does that have to do with you being excited?

Again a silly question. But listen. Modiji is trying to become prime minister of the state of India. And he has promised to do same development in the whole of India. And that is what I want. Development for all of India.

One last silly question, but tell me aren’t you also sad that might mean a little less focus on the development of Gujarat?

Okay. You got me this time. That’s exactly what I want. Because frankly speaking I don’t think I need so much of development. I don’t want so much development. I am tired of this development. And I am also tired of listening to debates on TV about this development. I am tired of Modi and I am tired of all his bhakts.

Hmmm…but that still doesn’t explain the excitement.

You see. I live in Gandhinagar. The capital city of this Vibrant Gujarat. So, you can imagine the amount of development in the capital. Roads, buildings etc. But I vaguely remember learning the word ‘development’ as a kid. May be times have changed but I am sure it didn’t just mean roads, buildings and industries. In fact there was no mention of these things. It sounded like a good word, a positive word. But, it seems they’ve developed the word itself to mean something entirely different.