Green mornings

Of snail placed days

Where every ray

Falls with joy.

These leaves ignite

A lazy breeze

Gently it pulls

And up I fly.

On a branch up high

Of unspoken thoughts

A forgotten flower

Breathes it’s old sigh.

Tasting the first sunshine

Nibbles turn to bites

As the heat rises

Every petal smiles.



I used to love getting high,

Thought I could leap out & fly,

Never do I once recall worrying

What if flying would turn into falling.

What was once laughed off as fear,

Is now a way of life & called caution.

Looking up, dreaming & taking leaps,

Has given way to looking down, calculations & breathing deep.


The open skies


Do you remember when we used to lie in the grass?

When we used to stare at the clouds,

And tried to read stories in the sky,

Now you’re in your air-conditioned cubicle;

And these clouds have dispersed

But I am still on the grass.

Sometimes I wonder

which one of us is more stuck

But luckily these

half-shaped clouds always distrac